Status Plugin - Critical Health in Last x Hours

I’m trying to create a dashboard that shows the critical issues for a scoped group in the last X duration.

Has anyone been able to scope the Status plugin to show objects in critical health for the last x hours/days? The outcome will be state changes to Critical in the last x interval so we could easily see for the last hour or other interval. This will be used as one of the views for NOC/Operations team to easily see new info in addition to Alerts scoped for the same duration.


Unfortunately, there’s no way of showing a certain time-frame within the Status plugin at the moment although I can see why this might be useful. For alerts, you can create a section that only displays critical alerts (for the scoped object(s)) in the last hour, 12 hours, 24 hours, week, 30 days, all time.

There’s an article on scoping alert sections here.

Thanks, I’ll submit this as a feature request instead. On the Alerts piece we’re using the duration scoping quite extensively and this is very useful.