Status Tile Roll Up - Pie Chart

Is there not a way to roll up health states of all objects in a particular class into say a pie chart? For instance I have 2200 VMS and want a visual of how many are critical/warning/healthy at a glance. I’ve attached a sample screen shot. This would be a great feature being that every monitoring product that I am trying to replace with SCOM/SquaredUp has this type of visual.


One solution is to use the SQL reporting to create the pie chart. You could then include that pie chart on a dashboard.


There isn’t on a class-by-class basis, however, there is a performance collection rule for the management group that shows agent health.

  • Performance: Bar
  • List: All Management Servers Resource Pool (there are a couple of these for some reason, make sure you pick the right one/try both)
  • Metric: Collect Agent Health States

I've just gone down this path. Similar to what jannep posted above.

What I’m doing to create pie charts is to use SSRS 2016 and SQL Mobile Report Publisher. From there I can publish the dashboards and embed them into a tile in SquaredUp.

Probably closest thing to having different types of Charts.

Example screenshot below.

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