Still Receiving SCOM Alerts

I am retiring an old version of scom (2007) and implementing 2012. I have 2012 up and running, and all agents that were in 2007 are now in 2012. At one time a lot of agents were multi-homed. I ran through the procedure to remove them from the old environment and removed all of the email subscriptions, subscribers, channels, etc. I am STILL receiving SCOM alert emails from the old environment. I cannot figure out why or where they are coming from. Has anyone seen this behavior and have a solution?


Easy answer - your old Management Group is still up.

Otherwise, are you sure you didn’t import an old configuration that may look like its coming from the old environment? Perhaps an old channel that has the same Return Address from the old environment?

How are you sure that its coming from the old one?

You can’t just shut the management servers down?

I would then suggest, for those that are running non-compatible OS’s, to use the OpsLogix PING monitoring pack (free) to provide Ping Only monitoring in 2012 for these old systems; then shut the 2007 Management Group down.

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Have you removed the redundant monitoring objects from the old SCOM environment…? ie - have you deleted the Windows Agents from the Administration pane…?? When you delete this top level class instance, all the discovered objects below will also go. So you could check the discovered inventory for the Windows computer class.

What is your Active Alerts view showing? Where are the alerts coming from…?

Is it possible you still have some agents multi-homed and they are coming back into SCOM 2k7…?

Is the config service still running on all your scom 2007 management servers. That would be required to un-deploy the rules and monitors from the agents, and the other management servers.

All else fails, and your old SCOM 2007 is in a mess, with rules and monitors still deployed to the agents. Stop the Microsoft Monitoring Agent service on the remote agent, clear the local cache (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Monitoring Agent\Agent\Health Service State), then restart the service. Try that on a couple of servers and see if it makes a difference.

Doubt it would get that far.

Thats if you don’t want to just shut the entire group down. I am in the same situation with some Windows 2000 servers I’ve had to keep SCOM 2007 running for.

Because I am using a different return address for each environment, and the return address I am seeing is the one for the old environment. I have also removed all of the notification channels. Maybe I should just delete the old return address mailbox.

Well there are two or three servers still there that I do not need email alerts for, but I do need to see if any alerts come out for them. They are on OS that is not supported in 2012.