Struggling with scoping

does anyone have some tips or a guide somewhere for scoping of objects? This is really a SCOM question as I just don’t know where to go to find the data I’m looking for. :slight_smile: I try to demo the product and fail miserably. Ha

Thanks all.


Can you elaborate on what you’re trying to do?

What kind of tile are you creating? What kind of objects do you want to display? etc…

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Thanks all for your help. Well ultimately I’m just trying to get more educated on the classes/objects in SCOM so I can build more dashboards quickly.

From the Citrix Comtrade monitors and rules to Exchange to Server to etc…I don’t know what all of these really do so it’s hard for me to build much right now in Squared Up. It’s almost like I need a SCOM Wiki where you can enter the rule or monitor name and it immediately gives you what it does and the output it presents.

I’m also looking for ideas with Squared Up and how you all are using the product. For example, top headings maybe and how you layer things from the top down. Do you use many Visio diagrams or keep things simple? Do you use many DAs and monitor for SLO or do you just use it for monitoring machine health?

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The class structure takes a little while to get used to, though in the MS management pack guides, you will always find something to help you.

The example below is for SQL Server MP (below is 2008) and contains the following:

This is a great example, and probably one of the best ways of displaying the structure, however not all MP guides contain as much detail.

Another great resource is - This contains just about every management pack and details all of the classes, rules, monitors, discoveries, groups, tasks… etc. Most importantly, it has a lot of the guides too! It doesn’t necessarily display them in a friendly way but gives you a better idea of how all of the above come together to make the MP.

Hey Gary, not really an answer to your question, but one tip to help understand / navigate the SCOM Object and Class model is that for every Object in Squared Up you’ll find a perspective called ‘Monitored Entity’. That will show you every Class the Object is a part of and where the Object sits in the hosting stack, as well as all Parents of that Object (for example, all the groups a server is a part of) and all the Children of that Object (for example, all the disk drives on a server). That can be pretty helpful for finding your way around and getting a better idea of how you might want to scope your dashboards

Are you trying to create your own views in scom?

A bit of information can be found here:

But you would be better of installing squardeup and creating views there. Much faster and easier to configure views.

Fantastic! Thank you very much for this Jelly.

Not a problem! :slight_smile: