svg display degraded after v4 upgrade

Hi all,

I have a weird behavior after v4 upgrade. All of my svg visio become “unreadable”. They are displayed but not completely. I insert an example for you



You can see all elements are under…

Is there anyone that experience it?



I add I use chrome as browser. I have the same display in Firefox.

In IE, we can see the display is a little less degraded but I haven’t all the elements I have in V3 Squaredup…

Can you just open the original (non SVG) file, link the SCOMIDs and save it again as a .SVG file?
Then upload again?

Hello. Have you tried disabling SVG sanitization?

Is this using the Visio tile or the Image tile with an SVG? (also v3 image hasn’t loaded, please can you retry?)

I use the Visio tile