Task from Powershell

Hi, is it possible execute scom tasks from powershell on SquaredUp using new Powershell feature? In loop per object.

You can in theory run any Powershell script but I’d recommend you to not do it because what you describe sounds very resource exhaustive and will most likely timeout in SquaredUp. Will also kill SquaredUp console in the process.
I think it’s better to stick with running them in SCOM itself or as a task action in SquaredUp on a specific object.

Ok Thanks Badger for your reply.
I want to use it for execute PowerShell task per object in group. From SCOM is possible execute task per object. But for group is not possible. If I can use SquaredUp for this will be very helpful. I don’t want to connecting once again to Management Group. I want to use existing connection. This is very hard to explain :slight_smile:

I get what you mean, still don’t think it’s a good idea. In SquaredUp you’ll be running it in a “tile” and that will display something (or error). Will also cause it to run every 60s or on a page refresh so that’s definitely not what you want.

Running the script in SCOM/on MS will probably be the best way.

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@KamilAdamczyk - I think the better question is: What data are you getting via a SCOM task that you want to visualize with SquaredUp?

I other words, if there is something that a task exposes, the easiest way to do what you want would be to write a rule to collect the data, then just use SquaredUp to visualize it. All of the data would be in the Data Warehouse and there wouldn’t be a “Task Storm” to deal with.

The PowerShell Authoring MP would likely help: