TCP Port Monitor Dashboard

Looking to create a Dashboard for monitoring TCP Ports. Since I am wanting to do this to monitor site links to remote sites ideally I would like to do a Visio drawing that my network team already has in existence. How would I go about doing this

This video details the steps:

Use the TCP port check Perspective class. From this, you can create a dashboard for availability with the single performance metric (Connection Time).

There’s not really a lot of monitoring around the TCP Port Check monitoring template, but this will allow you to display the information fairly easily. If you want to refine the scope, you can specify the name of the object (in mine above it’s Internal File Share), or use the advanced criteria to use DisplayName = ‘My TCP Port Check’ or, if you want to use the server that performs the checks, use Path LIKE ‘SERVER1.fqdn’

Let us know if you run into issues ?

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