Time series blocks


As seen here below, i have som truble with the sorting of the time series blocks, if im not wrong the rigth side of the blocks is today and from fere it goes down 30 days to the left,

But as seen in the Current status, it makes no sense as the red marker is 8 days ago (First line).

Do i miss somthing here


I’m also trying to understand the history blocks. I assumed it was a rollup of availability for each day. I’m seeing similar results as you.

Information from support:

Hi Kristoffer,

Thank you for contacting support,

We currently have this issue logged as a bug and are looking into the cause in order to implement a fix. You are correct, the time blocks are currently hard to understand and they are not currently showing an accurate status when you view them at different set timeframes.

I have linked this ticket to the open issue so you will be notified once progress is made

Nice, thanks for the info.

This was resolved for me after the 4.0.5 update.