Top level availability dashboard view for key groups

Hi All,

I’ve used custom groups to capture monitored services within SCOM, each service has a parent group which in turn has subgroups containing the actual monitored objects. This model works great as we can target alert subscriptions at the parent level (requires health roll-ups in place from the subgroups).

I’ve recently created a group availability perspective as per this excellent guide:

However we have hundreds of groups and it’s a little tiresome, and slow, scrolling though to find the parent ones I’m after to view it’s availability. So, what I’m hoping for is to create a dashboard containing an aggregate SLA tile for each parent group (whilst not displaying the availability for the sub groups) so we can present a succinct dashboard of these critical services when required.

Hope that makes sense?

Any assistance greatly appreciated!

Not sure if understand your question correctly.

Maybe this could work. It takes a little work but if you use standardized names for the top level groups I guess you could do a filter that only displays sla for members with name %topgroup% ?

The perspectives option doesn’t really work for my parent/child group scenario as there’s no level 2 or 3 options in the settings, just one level or All levels in the scope options. My service groupings are often three levels deep, so, taking SQL for example, rather than displaying the actual DB’s in the custom SQL group I get all objects of that class that live under that master group, including non Prod DB’s.

Level 1 - Master Group
Level 2 - Application 1
Level 3 - App 1 - Servers Group
Level 3 - App 1 - Logical Disks Group
Level 3 - App 1 - Services Group
Level 3 - App 1 - Processes Group
Level 3 - App 1 - SQL Group
Level 3 - App 1 - Web Group

Depending on requirement there may be up to 6 Applications under a single ‘Master’ group. I’ll give your suggestion a go and see if that provides what I’m after. Cheers