Unable to drill down the servers in Application status dashboards


I have created a Application status dashboard using VADA. I am able to drill down the servers while accessing the single application created in More Tab on Navigation bar. But if I drill down the servers from a Dashboard that I have created which shows the health status of multiple application on a page then I am unable to drill down into the server for any of applications. It shows the message “Lose unsaved changes? yes | no”. Has anyone faced this kind of issue please suggest if I am missing anything.

Daya Ram

This message is to prevent users from accidentally navigating away from a VADA diagram without saving the changes. Just click Yes and it will take you to the server.

If you have made changes to the VADA diagram, they will be lost if you navigate away. If you have made changes to the dashboard, they will be saved as a draft.

Perfect, Thanks :slight_smile:

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