Unable to find Unit monitor

I have created a custom 2 state availability monitor in scom. When I look in SCOM under the server where this rule is activated I can see the status of this rule.
However when I search in Squaredup I only find the availability monitor rollup for all availability monitors and not my single monitor.

How can I make a Monitor on a Dashboard for this single Unit monitor?

You’ll need to scope in the object of the class that the monitor targets. In your screenshot, this is Windows Server Operating System.

In your tile, use the Advanced Scope > Class “Windows Server Operating System” and Critieria:

DisplayName = ‘server display name’


The reason for this is that the Monitors tile will only display monitors that target the class of object you have scoped in. The vast majority of monitors do not target the computer object directly, but a child class (logical disk/os/database etc.), and you’ll only see roll ups for the computer object.

This is somewhat different on a perspective, as the scope can include child objects when using the “custom” scoping option. For example, you can choose to display monitors for all child objects of the computer.

Hope this helps!