Unable to laod server's health in VADA


I have configured the VADA for one of my application. But as I click on one of the application servers after configuring the dashboard, it doesn’t load the server health instead it starts loading the connections from that server. Is there anything wrong with the configuration or some other issue.

Once you have configured VADA click on the Analyze button on the top right. This will make all the servers load the health.

If you are in “View” mode, clicking on the server takes you to the server page.

If you are in “Discover” then it will load connections to that server.


Hi Dareen,

Clicking on the server while in the view mode also doesn’t load the health of the server instead it starts a new page and starts discovery with that single server.

Analyze will show you health state and the latest alerting information that is causing objects to be unhealthy. You need to click Analyze for the full health and performance details.