UNIX/Linux Run As profile association error event detected


We are getting “UNIX/Linux Run As profile association error event detected” Alerts, i suspect these are generating because of Event Number: 4113, when i checked this event information and understand that

A script is runs hourly by the Microsoft Exchange Replication service to perform a redundancy health check for replicated databases . If Exchange finds that a replicated database doesn’t have sufficient healthy copies, the Microsoft Exchange Replication Service (MSExchangeRepl) logs event 4113.

The information captured in the event reports that only one copy exists, which is what I expected. The Replication Service will continue to check and log event 4113 for the database every twenty minutes until it goes into a state where sufficient redundancy exists to accommodate an outage and allow the failed copy of the database to failover to a healthy copy.

Need help to understand and troubleshoot the issue, since this is troubling us a lot, let me know if you need any additional details from my end to debug the issue.

Date and Time: 1/9/2018 4:32:52 AM
Log Name: Operations Manager
Source: Cross Platform Modules
Event Number: 4113
Level: 1
User: N/A
The account for the UNIX/Linux Action Run As profile associated with the workflow “Microsoft.Linux.SLES.11.OperatingSystem.Discovery”, running for instance “XXXXXXXXX.XXXX.XXX.XXX” with ID {3842215C-88FD-D543-0F04-85F3287E6FB1} is not defined. The workflow has been unloaded. Please associate an account with the profile. This condition may have occurred because no UNIX/Linux Accounts have been configured for the Run As profile. The UNIX/Linux Run As profile used by this workflow must be configured to associate a Run As account with the target. Management group: XXXXXXXXX Workflow name: Microsoft.Linux.SLES.11.OperatingSystem.Discovery Object name: XXXXXXXXX.XXXX.XXX.XXX Object ID: {3842215C-88FD-D543-0F04-85F3287E6FB1}



Is this occurring on your management servers? Or on the Exchange servers? Typically, this event is created when an account has been distributed to the wrong machine (Admin workspace > Unix/Linux run as accounts > an account > distribution tab) - look for the server it’s generating on. Just be aware that if it’s correctly there, then you should confirm that removing is the right option.