Updated Citrix MP?

Anyone know if Citrix is still developing the MPs? We are finally licensed for them I can only find a version from 10/27/17. We are running XenApp 7.15.



I don’t believe they are last I heard but that has been a year or so so stance may have changed. They were trying to push people to use their monitoring tool

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What tool is that?

I dont think Citrix is still developing on their management packs. They focus on Citrix Director.
GripMatix developed a Management Pack for Citrix that is actively maintained and developed, and is available for all type of Citrix licenses. See also a blogpost on Squared Up earlier https://squaredup.com/blog/gripmatix-release-new-citrix-mp/

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MPs from Citrix are going End of Life in June 2020:


Thanks. This really irks me. It’s one of the reasons we purchased premier licensing. In regards to Director we’ve been battling Citrix support for over 8 months to fix why our Director environment only keeps 2-3 weeks worth of data.

yep it’s a pain but it’s because they want you to use Director. I am currently investigating Goliath, Grip Matrix and EG Innovations to replace Citrix