Updated! DataOnDemand Addendum - Managenemt Pack for Windows Computers


I updated a new version for that MP. It now contains two tasks for querying MS Graph.
Get-MSGraphBetaData and Get-MSGraphData

SquaredUp’s native Web-API tile provides and flexible and easy way to consume REST services.

Although MS Graph already provides rich capabilities for filtering and selections via OData qry
(Use query parameters to customize responses - Microsoft Graph | Microsoft Docs) it was not enough for me :wink:
Besides, I prefer PowerShell syntax over other types …

  1. Place the Graph-Qry here, e.g.: /reports/getSharePointSiteUsageDetail(period=‘D7’)

  2. Specify a sorting attribute

  3. Indicate if Descending order shall be used

  4. Provide a filter if it makes sense

  5. limit the items that shall be send to Squared Up

Where can I find it?
As usual in the MPCatalog. - https://cookdown.com/scom-essentials/community-catalog/

Questions or feedback are welcomed :slight_smile:

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