Upgrading from Free licence to Essentials


I’m currently still using the last free version of squared up and will migrate to essentials soon. Along with the version upgrade to 4.2.1. I have currently setup different dashboards with Visio’s. Will these continue to work in the essentials version as i don’t have the visio functionality there?


should just be changing your license key and things keep working and new functionality becomes available to you


Updating the license key will remove the features that you haven’t opted for in your license tier. Community Edition in v3 did include Visio but, unfortunately, as you have gone for Essentials, Visio will not be available to you.

Source: https://support.squaredup.com/v4/Reference/AnOverviewOfSquaredUpLicensing/

Enterprise does have a few extra features though, like the Web API support. I have customers on this tier and they use this for Service Now integration.

ok, i was expecting not being able to create new visio. But this means that my “old” visio tiles will stop working when i upgrade from a free to a paying version.