Upgrading v4 to v5

After upgrading from V4 to V5 using side by side V4 will still be available to use right ? Just incase if anything happens to the upgrade.

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Side-by-side gives you a chance to see what the upgrade will look like, as it copies your existing content and configuration.

Few points:

  • API providers will need to be recreated
  • Side-by-side is only available for the SCOM product

Full docs available here:

SCOM: How to migrate from SquaredUp for SCOM v4 to v5 – SquaredUp Support

Azure: How to migrate from SquaredUp for Azure v4 to v5 – SquaredUp Support

Thank you so much Jelly,
Is there any documentation also for migrating Squaredup into a new server ? In our environment we have V4 and we want to upgrade it to V5. Also we might end up putting Squaredup into a new server.

This is a bit trickier.

You should only ever migrate SquaredUp content between servers on the same version.

With this in mind, I would recommend performing a side-by-side upgrade to v5 on your existing server, then install the same version on your new server, and following the Backup and Restore documentation below:

With the restore step you simply restore the content to your new server.

As this is a little more involved, you can always contact support for assistance.


Thank you so much for the support.

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Not a problem :slight_smile:

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