Used Space and Avg. Transfer Speed not available in server view

After a fresh install of Squared Up v. 4.0, Used Space and Avg. Transfer Speed are not available in server view. What can I do to fix this?

Is this on all servers/disks? Or just this one?


All Servers

Best to check that the performance counters are enabled in SCOM for these objects. You can also check this by clicking on the object, then looking at the monitored entity perspective to see if the rules are enabled


Just this server/disk

Flush the health cache on the agent. Perf data can stall occasionally and this forces all MP’s to be redownloaded to the agent and runs every workflow that applies. See Health service on agent-managed computer in the following article:

All Servers, rule is enabled and showing on “monitored Entity” under the Disk view.
The % Disk Free Performance counter is viewable and shows data under the “Disks” Perspective on all servers. Just the “Windows Server (2012)” perspective lacks this data.

Does the scope and metric match on the disk perspective vs the server 2012 one? I wonder if it’s version specific from the MPs…

Oh you might be onto something here. The Disk perspective is scoped to “Windows Server” group while the Windows Server (2012) Persepctive is scoped to the “Windows Server 2012 Computer” group.

Did you get to the bottom of this?