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Can someone tell me why this user can't load up a dashboard I created for her? They are a member of a Read Only role in SCOM that can view everything and is set up in Squared Up. I'm still a bit confused how the roles and profiles really work in Squared Up compared to SCOM so that may be helpful for someone to elaborate on elsewhere.

Here is the error…


Have you published the dashboard? Drafts are only visible to the user that created them. You can publish a dashboard and not add it to the navigation bar, though all users will be able to search for and access it.

In regards to Profiles and Roles…

  • Permissions in Squared Up are initially based on the role that the SCOM user belongs to and access to Squared Up relies on access to the SCOM SDK using SCOM's Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)
  • A SCOM Admin, by default, has "Squared Up Admin" which essentially gives them access to the System (formally Settings) area of the portal, as well as full authoring permissions. By default, a SCOM admin can see every monitored object in SCOM
  • Other users can be granted Admin access over Squared Up, although this does not impact the visibility of objects/tasks with SCOM, and Squared Up still inforces RBAC against these users
  • Users of any other SCOM RBAC role, are only able to see the objects that they are able to see in SCOM, as defined in their SCOM role. This also applies to tasks for Operators and above
  • Profiles in Squared Up allow you to configure Squared Up permissions - Admin/Authoring/Advanced Authoring (think SQL/API etc. and editing navigation bars) - as well as provide a navigation bar experience based on the user/group specified
  • The Everyone folder found in the Profiles configuration section literally applies to anyone. Adding a dashboard to the navigation of the Everyone profile will add it at the beginning of every user's navigation bar
Let me know if this is clear enough or if you require any additional info :)

Hey Jelly. Sorry for the delay here. I’m trying to give my Help Desk Manager read only permission to the entire environment (SCOM and Squared Up). I created a new role in SCOM called Help Desk Management under Read Only Operators in SCOM and added all views and dashboards and groups. However, when she tries to go to a dashboard that is published for Active Directory in Squared Up it shows “server encountered an error while retrieving details of the dashboard”.

Have you published the dashboard? Drafts are only visible to the user that created them -more info to follow below!

The URL for the dashboard looks as though it’s still a draft - Can you double check that you published it?

Hi Jelly,

I have an issue. I have published the dashboard and the view access is provided to a SG. Members of the SG are able to recieve the dashboard as created, they are able to see all the content/servers on the dashboard. However, a few of them can just see a few set of servers not all. Could you help me on this? Is this something related to user access or something else.