Using Note Properties in dashboard


We are trying to display the value of a note property from a monitored object on one of our dashboards. (The ones with square brackets) Using powershell we can get to the value by treating it as a string


How do we do this inside SquaredUp Mustache syntax?


An easy way to see what properties Squared Up custom labelling has to offer is:

  1. Tick load extended properties (longer load times)
  2. Use the template string:
This will output all the properties available.

It may be a little difficult if the output string is too long. So to only output variable names use:

{{#each .}}{{@key}},{{/each}}

I’m not sure if note properties are available here or not. Would be interesting to find out. Let me know how you get on.


Thank you. I knew that note properties where available looking at the object it self, but i think i just made a typo or something. Great tip to list all properties by the way.