Utilization Alerting

Can anyone help me in my attempts to send out performance notification alerts for when an interface on a Cisco Networking device exceeds say 75% Utilisation?

Below is the performance monitor I want to alert when it reaches 75%


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To create an alert from a Performance Rule, I think you’ll need to first create a monitor and then trigger alerts from that.

Go to Authoring in the SCOM Console and select Management Pack Objects -> Monitors -> Create a Monitor -> Unit Monitor. From there you can select a Performance Counter Monitor using a Simple threshold and then create the monitor.

The last step of the monitor configuration is creating any alerts you need.

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First off let’s clarify a few things, it’s important to know what generates alerts and how this then effects our ability to send alerts via an email notification. Have a read of this article on TechNet – This details the different types of monitors and rules and what they do:

The bit that we are most interested in is this:

Collection Rules
Collection rules collect events or performance data to the Operations Manager database and data warehouse. They do not create alerts or set health state.

In order for a collection rule to alert or change a health state, we need a monitor. In particular a

Unit Monitors
Measures some aspect of the application. This might be checking a performance counter to determine the performance of the application, running a script to perform a synthetic transaction, or watch for an event that indicates an error. Classes will typically have multiple unit monitors targeted at them to test different features of the application and to monitor for different problems.

In order to create a unit monitor for performance, you can refer to this article:

If you have trouble, reply to this and we’ll give you some assistance – it’s usually a bit fiddly on the first couple of runs knowing exactly what to select at certain stages ?


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Thanks for the tips…

The performance monitor already existed so to test I changed the default threshold value of 60 to 10 for test purposes and alerts now generate. (best change it back afterwards)

Now I just need to set up the email notifications on the alert.

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Not a problem!

For future, you can comment on an answer Have fun with your new found knowledge!

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got the email alerts working! thanks!