VADA Cannot Expand more than 30 connections to a discovered object.

Is there any limits on this one? if no then how to get those connections listed?


Fairly sure this is hard coded and I’ve not found a way around this myself. Raise it with support and feed back to us??

I raised this back in October and the restriction is hard coded so that performance is maintained. I t would be great if we were able to change this number ourselves however, as we have many servers with this problem.

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Opened a support case with SquaredUp and they are aware of the issue. Possible fix in one of the upcoming releases.

I was trying to use VADA against an Exchange server with 10k connections.

Whilst there it isn’t currently possible to expand beyond 30 connections in VADA, there are some (imperfect) options if you want to verify what those connections are.

In the VADA view on the server in question, click task in the top right corner of the screen


Select and execute the Task, 'Get Netstat CSV (Data on Demand)


You’ll then get the raw data returned to you

Let me know if this helps at all [?]


Will do, thanks sir,

Thanks for letting us know!

You can also easily surface this same data without any major effort by, say, creating a Perspective targeted to All Windows Computers which surfaces this data via a Data on Demand Tile.

From there you can also do cool things like, say, automatically hyperlinking to an IP address search against any external IP Addresses, using Grid Options, Row Link. As an example;{{remoteAddressIP}}

You can also use grid columns to filter out any irrelevant information.

If amongst the list of connections, you see that only a small handful of servers are actually relevant, you could then manually add them (the link should be displayed between them).