VADA Export excel Functionality

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I was looking to get the details of all applications servers communicating with other servers in Excel alongwith the ports over which communication takes place. Is it possible to get this information through SquaredUp VADA feature. Please suggest.



Daya Ram

Hi Daya,

This isn’t currently possible and could be a sent to Support as a feature request. Just drop [email protected] a message :slight_smile:



Thanks Jelly for valuable input ?

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VADA doesn’t have the ability to export its gathered data currently - however all it’s doing to collect that data is executing the Netstat task from the Data On Demand management pack. This by default outputs all it’s data in CSV format, which excel will happily read.

All you’d need to do is execute the task (from within SCOM or Squared Up, doesn’t matter) on the application servers, and amalgamate the output together into a single CSV file (just remove the headers when copy and pasting subsequent rows).

If the server doesn’t have a DNS cache entry for a particular endpoint it’s communicating with, the netstat task will only list the IP, but you can always look this up yourself and then do a find/replace if you want FQDNs.

Hope that helps!

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Just had a side thought. You can run the Netstat task within Squared Up’s task as table for an “on the fly” check of what’s connected. Steps below:

  1. Create a new perspective on a computer object
  2. Add a new tile SCOM Task > Raw (I tried task as table and it actually seems better formatted with raw)
  3. Add the Netstat task from the drop down
  4. Click apply (execute)
  5. Publish perspective
Whenever you open this perspective you’ll be able to see all of the machines current connections and on what port:


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