VADA global process filters not working consistently.

I’m trying to map out a small little utility that runs on all of our Domain Controllers. I just want to create a VADA map showing the agent service on each DC connected to my utility parent server.

I add the app service to the list of monitored processes on the parent server. VADA finds that it is communicating over a standard port for one set of communications and over a range of high ports for another communications channel. I delete the connections it finds for the high port range. Then I expand the list of “uncategorized endpoints” that VADA sees for the standard port.

Now, since these are all DC’s, I have added the LSASS process to the list of global filters. However when I run discoveries on my DC’s the LSASS process is still mapped out and VADA grinds to a halt as it tries to map out all the connections that the LSASS process makes. VADA pretty much becomes completely unresponsive at that point.

Why is this happening and what is the most efficient way to go about mapping out the agent connections for all of my DC’s?

(I am running the latest 4.05.x release)