VADA issue for systems with lots of connections

When I try to use VADA to build a topology map for certain environments, it will freeze if the system I am running a discovery on has a large number of connections. -For example if I run a VADA discovery on an SCCM primary site server, VADA is going to return every single system that has an SCCM agent on it…we’re talking hundreds of systems.

-Needless to say this causes the browser to become completely unresponsive or sluggish. Eventually the results will be displayed but then I am faced with having to manually delete all of those connections.

I suppose I could simply not run discovery on those systems that I know have a large number of systems…but I’m wondering if there is a better way to go about doing this?

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I have not gotten around to doing a DA for my SCCM environment but could you try doing a filter for process ccmexec.exe and see if that helps?

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Hi Wilson, in its current iteration VADA hasn’t really been designed with mapping centralised systems / apps with hundreds or thousands of dependencies in mind (eg. SCOM, SCCM, Splunk etc). However, in the next major version of Squared Up you can expect to see much better options for expanding and filtering large numbers of connections. Watch this space….

You’ll also find some useful information on how, in the current version, you can get to an utilise the underlying data here;

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