VADA Map and Dependencies

I am looking to create a more thurough EAM where I am using SCOM. I can put in the Servers associated to the application but I have not been able to tie in our vSphere data (captured in SCOM). i thought Dependencies were the right path but can’t figure out how. Additionally, Is there a way to add additional data from outside SCOM, given all the new integrations in SquaredUp, that would be real nice, to collate all the sources to show the full Application Status properly. Executive management is very interested.
Feel free to reach out to me via this thread or point me in some directions, examples, etc.


Hi Mike,

Just curious what do you use to get VMware alerts in SCOM?

I tried a few cheaper options like OpsLogic, Nice, and others like Comtrade, vROPS and Veeam but these guys are way expensive.

At the moment i am considering Martello’s iQ which has integration for SCOM and vCenter together.


We are a Veeam shop at present. But there is a nice Dashboard that pulls directly from vSphere located in SquaredUps Git repository: samples/dashboards/vmware-status at master · squaredup/samples · GitHub
I did start to play with it but no time to work out the connectivity\permissions etc. with my vmteam.