VADA timeout

Hello fellow community members,

anyone else been having issues with VADA timeouts when attempting discovery with more than 5 servers on the board? I have tried using on a dedicated IIS server only connecting to the scom box, issue still persists.

Anyone else encountered similar issues and or know of any fixes that might resolve the issue?


Hi, Simon. One thing to look at is the Task Status view in the SCOM Ops Console.

VADA uses Squared Up’s “Data on Demand” architecture so, whenever you run app discovery, an agent task is triggered on each machine you request discovery on to get the live network statistics used to build up the diagram.

Can you see 1) that the tasks are actually being triggered, 2) If they are completing successfully and 3) how long they are taking?

P.S. the “Completed Time” column isn’t shown by default. Right-click the column headers and select “Personalize view…” to get it displayed.

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Hi there,

thanks for that, I can confirm at times takes a few seconds to couple of minutes to complete.

I have noticed that it might be the size of my org etc that is influencing this.

I have begun to filter out services etc by default and things for VADA are improving but not fixed.


Any other logs or such that I can look at?