Veeam VMWare Management Pack & SquaredUp

Hi All,

I was just wondering if anyone has created any fancy dashboards for VMWare?

I have created some basic tiles which include:

  • vCenter, Hosts and Datastores status
  • Graphs showing top 5 used data stores. hosts with high memory usage, top VMs with high cpu
The last thing I want to put on my dashboard is to show information in relation to snapshots, E.g. count of snapshots, list servers with snapshots that are older than 7 days.

If anyone know of a way to configure this it would be highly appreciated.

If you have any other ideas of things to include on a VMWare dashboard it would be helpful too.

Thanks for your help!


I have included snapshot size and age via the scopes:

Group: VMware Virtual Machine Group
VMware Virtual Machine

And metrics:

VMGuest - snapshotsSizeMB

VMGuest - snapshotAgeHours

You can also use overrides on the veeam managementpack that looks for snapshots so you get an alert when the snapshot is over 7 days. And then filter and show alerts from that monitor.

As for count of snapshots I have no good idea for that. I guess you have to build your own monitor for that.

have you tried the Veeam community dashboard?
Not sure whether it has what you want as I’m not running the Veeam MP but maybe worth you checking out if you haven’t already