Version 3.0 Performance bar bug?

Performance bar has a strange formatting showing fractional numbers.

As an example 0.891 will be displayed as 891m in the dashboard, this is a bit confusing when viewing.


Hi Morten,

This is not a bug! SCOM doesn’t understand the values it receives from perf counters, it merely presents them on a graph. Squared Up does not alter the values, though we do have to consider the best way to present them.

The following article explains more:




Side note - v3.0.7 is available currently and there’s a feature release due next week!

Thanks for the answer Jelly. We are waiting for 3.1 as we need the role based access for our dashboards.

Thanks for the link, to accustomed to SCOM and how it displays numbers. Though using SI annotation is a better way.


Fair enough, there’s a bunch of stuff in there that’ll make your life easier :wink:

Indeed, it seems to be the simplest that people can adopt with ease.