Very Cumbersome to use VADA for applications with large number of servers

I was trying to use the VADA to discover our Citrix application. The number of servers are huge almost 100. I am unable to discover all my servers since the screen size becomes so small with every discovery that I can't even see the servers and if I zoom in I am unable to group the servers in their respective tiers.

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I believe VADA in its current iteration is not designed to deal with these huge application architectures. I’ve run into this issue myself. I would recommend sending an e-mail to [email protected] to provide feedback on this.

The question here is how you can improve this? Automatically collapse the large group until it reaches a certain amount of servers, and then only show the unhealthy ones on top?

I’ve hit the same issue. To the point the whole display slows right down and comes pretty much unresponsive as there is too many servers.

Hopefully this will improve in future.

Thanks much.