Visio dashboards "scope not specified" error

After upgrading Community Edition to version, my Visio dashboards stopped working. When I try to recreate them by dragging a SVG file, a message appears below “scope not specified”. After drag-n-drop svg file, would expect the image to render. There is no option to set a scope.

Is there a fix for this issue?

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I have had problems with Visio too and got the following from SquaredUp support:

We’ve found that in newer versions of Visio using the Data > ‘Quick Import’ option does not set the field headings correctly, often leaving them as F1, F2 etc, instead of the correct label of ‘ScomId’. Working straight through the Data > ‘Custom Import’ option without changing any options does set the headings correctly and allows the link to SCOM IDs to work in Squared Up. We have been able to apply a fix at our end to get around this issue, which is in the latest release of Squared Up v3.1.7, which you can download from here:

The fix is to the data exported to Excel, so you will need to recreate your data exports once you have the new version installed. Until this time you can use the ‘Quick import’ option in Visio.


These steps are documented in the article you were trying to open, which is available here:


and the troubleshooting article here:


I’m afraid you’ve hit a bug with Internet Explorer where the search at the top right of the KB doesn’t work. You should find that the home page search in the middle of the page works fine:

Our Knowledge team have this issue logged. It appears to only be a problem in IE, and works fine in Chrome.



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