Visio - other data fields than 'scomid'?


Can we use other data Fields in a Visio drawing? I wan’t do do some more graphic “changes” rather than just the color. Arrows for up/Down etc.

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Adding more flexibility into Visio diagrams is something the Squared Up team has considered, but we’ve been too busy delivering awesome new features in version 3! So it’s not possible right now but may be something we enable in the future.

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If I understand you correctly, that’s a great idea, e.g. if a scom object changes colour, then it also changes from an “up” arrow to a “down” arrow. Unfortunately I can’t see how it could be achievable (as SquaredUp don’t dictate the object - that’s in the visio drawing/SVG). But if something similar was available, even on the other dashboard it would be great.

As i dont know how SquaredUp uses svg and Health state to change colour i thought i should ask. But if were able to let say. use ‘scomHealhtState’ along With ID we could change an Arrow based on “success”, “warning”. etc