Visio Plugin - What Visio stencils are you using

The videos I’ve watched all seem to use the same stencils, and I like the look of them. What is everyone using, and what do we think is the best…?

For example - what stencil was used for this Demo. Anyone know…?

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Depends on what i am drawing up. I’ve used generic stencils an drawn the shapes my self, we also have some shapes made specific for our company, icons representing different options/sofware/roles etc. Other than that we have downloaded stencils for vmware, hyperV, echange, scom, cisco and so on.

Depends on what you are Monitoring and want displayed in a Visio diagram, We have company logos and the options are endless, for our Veeam dashboards we downloaded the Veeam Stencils and for UCS environments we downloaded the Cisco UCS stencils…

The icons we often use in our demos here at Squared Up come from the Microsoft “New Office Visio Stencil” set available here;