Visio status symbol query

I have a query about the status symbols on visio diagram imported into SquaredUp...

Both the below are monitoring a ‘group’ of objects.

I am wondering what it means when a ? is presented instead of a tick or a cross? The only server that has an issue currently on the Lync Telephony group is one which has low disk space and this one in SCOM is being presented as a red cross for critical, therefore why is this not showing as critical on the Lync Telephony symbol?

The only thing I can think of is that this group also contains some SQL objects and Im using the Community Edition - is it likely that this is causing the problem due to the fact that SQL monitoring is not possible using the Community Edition of SquaredUp?

Does the group have health rollups configured?

The different editions of Squared Up relate to the features sets that are present. With all editions, anything that is monitored in SCOM is visible in Squared Up ?

Great, thanks Jelly!! :smiley:

No worries - Happy to help :slight_smile: