VMWare Nice vs Veeam

Anyone have any experience with either the Nice or the Veeam MP. Looking to see which one to look at I know the Veeam one is supposed to be good but pricey. It does have the advantage of having a dashboard pack already built. If the Nice one is just as good though it should not be too hard to build a dashboard or maybe Nice would be nice (pun intended) and publish one for us like they did with some of their other management packs.


We are running the Veeam MP and we are satisfied with the information it gives back. With the latest version you have the ability to create your own alerts in Vcenter and have Veeam trigger on them.

Veeam also gives you information that Vcenter doesn’t alert on by default by analyzing performance graphs.

We evaluated Opslogic as well 3-4 years ago but we decided that Veeam was better.

One drawback but that’s more of a scom problem is the rollup problem. One nic goes down on a host then you will get an alert from the nic, the host, the cluster and possibly vcenter as well. We have disabled rollup for some common alerts that gives to much clutter.

If you get lucky and can wait a while you can hope that Veeam gives away the MP for free. We have made such a deal. 10 sockets for free for one year. We had of course more sockets than that but the price for the first year was a lot cheaper.

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We installed Opslogix. The install was very simple, and I completed it within 1/2 a day. Looking at the Veeam install, it initially appeared more complex, including the need for a further server.

The Opslogix quote was a lot cheaper, and it gave us all the information and alerts we needed. The support was also good.

I’d suggest the best approach is to install the trial versions of each and evaluate them.

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We have looked at the Nice one and it shows some promise but seemed to be lacking a few things we need such as capacity planning. I am sure they will get there with it quickly but still going to evaluate the other two before we make the call which one to do a POC with.

We’re using VEEAM and are very happy with the information it gives us. It does require a collector to run on one or more machines but the number of Collectors you need depends on the size of your environment and if you want fault tolerance. We don’t have dedicate Servers for them but just then on two of our existing Management Servers.

It isn’t the cheapest option but some of the reports are worth their weight in gold. One of the first things we did was run the ‘over provisioned VM’s’ report and it gave us good information that helped us to reclaim a lot of resources where developers had asked for ‘server size X’ when it was overkill. We knew that all along but having the data to back it up helped us a lot and allowed us to utilise the resources elsewhere.

We use the Veeam MP currently but will be moving to the NiCE option as soon as we can. Already have NiCE’s Oracle and Office 365 MP’s and in terms of support and functionality, they’re excellent. I saw a demo of their VMware MP at a conference recently and it was enough to convince me.

I also really like that they publish dashboard packs for Squared Up to compliment their MP’s. I’m sure they said that one is coming for the VMware MP so I’m hoping to get a really decent off-the-shelf solution that blows the Veeam offering away.

Big thumbs up for NiCE! Sadly, I’ve never felt the same about Veeam.

I had forgotten about Opslogix having one too I will have to look into that one too.