Web api tile donut - disk space

Has anyone used the Web api tile (donut) for displaying something like diskspace?

I have my API output

	"data": [
			"type": "WinLocal",
			"id": "ec959a1e-5253-4525-b644-15ab66e3c3bd",
			"name": "CD-LAB-REPO1",
			"description": "Created by CD-LAB-VEEAM1\\Administrator at 16/02/2021 14:12.",
			"hostId": "6745a759-2205-4cd2-b172-8ec8f7e60ef8",
			"hostName": "CD-LAB-VEEAM1",
			"path": "R:\\Backups_Primary",
			"capacityGB": 1862.9,
			"freeGB": 1097,
			"usedSpaceGB": 0
	"pagination": {
		"total": 1,
		"count": 1,
		"skip": 0,
		"limit": 200

And would like to show both freeGB and usedSpaceGB in one donut chart, but when I select multiple metrics to extract I get the error message

A value column from your result set has not been selected


Anyone have an pointers? Someone must have used this for similar in the past


Was able to build this fairly easily with the json you provided.

Is this what you’re looking for? A bit unsure how this’ll be helpful considering that it’ll sum the values at the center (which is obviously more than it’s capacity?). Maybe you have something in mind?

As for the error you’re getting I think you missed giving the label names to the metrics.

Thanks for that, knew I couldn’t see the wood for the trees …got it working now.