Web API tile with underlaying Image of a world map

I am trying to create a tile using the Wep API with and underlaying image.
What I want to do, is to pull alerts from both our Solarwinds monitoring only our network infrastructure, and pull information from SCOM that is monitoring our servers and services.
Then I want to have the error, warning and success icons to show up on the map, on the specific locations/sites around the world.
I know that Solarwinds can bring the information of GPS coordinates, but how about SCOM? Has anyone done something like this? Thanks in advance. Looking forward to hear from someone more clever than me :smiley:

My solution:
I ended up installing the MP for Solarwinds into SCOM.
Then I was able to pull availability data from SCOM, using Enterprise Applications.
I then created a image tile, and in the scope, i chose a list, and was able to search my EA’s, and then “sum” all objects into one icon.