Web Application Transaction Monitors dashboard pack

From where we can download the dashboard pack for web application transaction monitoring for squaredup version 3.1.

We try to imprt dashboard available at https://community.squaredup.com/browse/download-info/web-applications/ but getting error “here is no manifest in this file: the contained package is malformed or corrupt in squared up” . I believe for squared up v3.1 we need .json file.

Anyone can suggest?

You can find all of the dashboard packs for Squared Up at the following link:

Community Dashboards

There is also a button at the top of the Community Answers site called “DASHBOARDS” which will take you there!

If you’re running a later version of Squared Up, you can download and import dashboard packs from within Squared Up itself via the hamburger menu:



Dashboard pack is not available for web application transaction monitoring under dashboard.Please let me know whether we have pack available for web app transaction monitoring.