Web Content Tile form button not working

I have aspx web page with a small form that displays info dependant on what is selected in the form and it works fine when opened directly but when I added it to a web content tile it looks ok but the button no longer works. Is this a known issue?

See point 2 under “Security best practices for administering SquaredUp DS for SCOM” in: Security best practices for administering SquaredUp DS for SCOM

Specifically, you will likely need to look at enable-embedded-scripts-whitelist

Failing that, please reach out to SquaredUp support to confirm.

This is not using SCOM it is a web content tile pointing to a aspx web page.

The iFrame is by default locked down to prevent cross-site scripting. The security.json file controls several aspects of dashboard server, including whitelisting the sites that are allowed to be embedded into DS and run scripts.

It is quite likely that this is what is preventing your embedded page from working as you’d expect.

More info on the CVE as to why this was implemented can be found here: CVE-2020-9390 - Stored cross-site scripting (Web Content and Visio tile) | SquaredUp SCOM Support

If the page still fails to load once whitelisted (an app pool recycle is required), then please reach out to support.