WebAPI and session based X-Auth-Tokens

Is there a way to connect to Rest API providers that require session based x-auth-tokens? I am trying to intergrate nimble storage information on my dashboard but I cant gain access without the token and the simple auth page doesnt seem to support a way to generate one.

There is a section in the Nimble online docs that goes through the steps required for refreshing the token after it expires, without user input




They do provide 2 examples but they are Ruby/Python

As great as that article would be for my problem, it’s sadly for the wrong product. To make things more confusing the product I’m working with was just bought by HPE, so all the links are average when you google search. https://www.hpe.com/au/en/storage/nimble.html

The authorization part comes just after authentication. Once authenticated, a service can send a token to an end user by which the user can access other resources. The token could be any encrypted key that only the server/service understands and when it fetches the token from the request made by the end user, it validates the token and authorizes the user into the system. The token generated could be stored in a database or an external file as well, in other words we need to persist the token for future references. The token can have its own lifetime and may expire accordingly. In that case the user will need to be authenticated again into the system.


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How are the tokens generated? If they’re a fixed API/key/string then you should just be able to add it as a header in the simple provider.

The tokens are session based, a new token is created everytime I access the API. At the moment I just have a script that keeps the token alive every 5 minutes. At worse I am thinking of writing a management pack that creates the token via power shell every 15 minutes and then makes that token available as a variable for either scripts or to input into the webtile as a perspective.