WebAPI dashboard ideas

Hey all,

We’re building some new dashboards to show off the WebAPI tile and wonder if anyone in the community has anything they’d love to build for themselves but haven’t tried yet. Any of those big name external platforms, and not just related to monitoring.

If we’re able to get something together, we’d then happily share back some JSON samples to try in your own environments.

Thanks, Adam.


Come to think of a few

  • Service Now
  • Office365 API (we use OfficeExpert for monitoring OfficeExpert - panagenda)
  • VMware (VMware API, vRops)
  • Solarwinds

We don’t have Splunk or Elastic, at least not in a broader sence.


I second all of Peter’s choices!
One to get information out of F5 Big-IP would be awesome,
Dell Isilon would be great too.

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Thanks Peter. playing with the Microsoft Graph API a lot already and getting some nice results for SharePoint / Exchange / Teams so far. I’ve put the rest on the list. :+1:

Thanks Peter, also on the list :slight_smile:

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Dell Isilon. Yes, I tried a bit with that API but net getting any good results back.

Re: Dell Isilon

Not to hijack the thread, but…

I monitored our Dell (previously EMC) Isilon using SCOM in my old shop. We used SNMP, all from with the SCOM console. The biggest problem was identifying the important OIDs.

There is also a relatively inexpensive MP from a 3rd party vendor Lunavi (formerly InFront):

Hi Adam,

I don’t know if there are already existing samples out there because we are just starting with your solution, but what we need to integrate is:

  • ServiceTracer APM doc
  • Nagios Core 4.4.x (also another customer)
  • Broadcom DX Spectrum (formerly CA Spectrum)
  • Microsoft System Center Service Manager
  • Dell Isilon as already mentioned


For Nagios try GitHub - asuknath/Nagios-Status-JSON: Nagios Status JSON

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Hi Adam,

a few that I’ve struggled with are



Crestron Fusion Roomview
How about a connection to Fusion server for Crestron equipment/installations. Many universities use Crestron to control AV and more. We have started to use Panopto streaming services to stream and record lessons for our students. Recording status and alerts, shows up i Fusion Roomview server. It would be very helpful if we could connect SquaredUp to Fusion and pull some info and show it on a big screen etc.
I believe this is more relevant than ever, in light of lockdown in schools and universities globally.

Kind regards
(…freezing my butt of in Oslo…)


I could use a Bitdefender Enterprise Cloud dashboard. They have a JSON / HTTP Push Web API. I can link you up with the product team.

HPE OneView!! Things like pulling out firmware compliance info into filterable dashboards would be great.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Quite a list to work through so I’ll close off this thread for now and get to it :slight_smile:

If/when there might be some new dashboards available, I’ll reach out.

Thanks again!