WebAPI sysparm_query to pull ServiceNow data no longer works.

Hi folks, I am currently in the process of migrating my SquaredUp environment from a SCOM2012 environment to a totally separate and new SCOM2016 environment. I’m trying to recreate the integrations I have…one of which is using the WebAPI tile to pull in ServiceNow information.

I have everything set up exactly the same, but for some reason this query no longer works in my new environment:

sysparm_query cmdb_ci.name={{properties.netbiosComputerName}}^ORDERBYDESCstart_date^…etc.

I don’t get any errors but no columns or data is returned.

But if I input a simple query like “active=true” that returns a ton of data and all of the columns appear. The same query works in my original environment so I can’t understand why it’s not working in my new environment.

Are the two environments running the same version of Squared Up? It might be worth reaching out to Squared Up Support ([email protected]) to see if there’s any known issues.

Yes, the 2 environments are both running the latest version of SquaredUp. The only difference is that the legacy environment where the query works is SCOM2012 while the new environment is running SCOM2016.

Also, the new environment is running a 30-day license that I obtained from the vendor in order to allow me to do the migration and keep my old SquaredUp environment online for my users. However it shouldn’t be a license issue as I am able to pull info with a different query as I stated earlier.