Website Availability Monitoring

I am trying to setup a large group of website monitors. For most its pretty easy. I actually setup a new group for website monitors, and after creating the monitors and selecting two or three watcher nodes, I add the website to the group by explicit membership using “Web Application Availability Monitoring Test Collection” to search for my website monitor. This way an object for each watcher node doesn’t show up on my dashboard, and if any one of the watcher nodes fails, I will see an alert in squared up. Some of the websites will not work this way, either they need to have credentials or need a proxy for access and I have to use the web application transaction monitoring template. Problem with this is the only way I can get it into the group is by using web application perspective, and if I do that it gives me the option to select the site but only from one watcher node or another, not a collection of the watcher nodes. There fore, if I selected three watcher nodes when I created it, I can either select all 3 for the group and have 3 items for each site on my dashboard, or I can select one, but if it goes red on one of the other two I will not see it on the dashboard. Anyone dealt with this sort of thing?

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One way would be to create a group of the 3 web application perspective monitors and then add an availability rollup monitor to the group itself. That way, you could have only one object that would go red (worst case rollup) but still have an alert view that would show which test failed.