Website Availability Monitoring

I have setup a website Availability monitor in SCOM and a Web Transaction Monitor in SCOM.

How do I setup a dashboard in SquaredUp to display these as it shows in the Squared Up demo page showing App Uptime and Web Availability: time

Are there any set of instructions or guide to follow to set this up?



First you need to create a Service level objective in scom and then use the SLA tile in Squaredup for your dashboard.

You have more info on the links on that page.


jannep is correct, though the links sent were for version 2 of Squared Up. The first article is SCOM based, so will carry between versions. The demo site runs on the latest public release (currently 3.2.4).

For the app uptime dashboard, all that is used is the standard SLA tile, with inline style and a custom label to show the URL. The URL is wrapped within the parameters, so a custom label was used:

<span style=\”display:inline-block;width:700px;\”>{{displayName}}</span> <span style=\”display:inline-block;width:700px;\”>{{properties.parameters.slice(34, -25)}}</span>
That should give you something to work with!
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Thanks guys.

What about Web Availability - how do I go about bringing those data on the board.