What is your best practices for Dashboard Import/Export, Version Control and Restore?

Given you build dozens for dashboards and perspectives in SqUp and you want to backup/restore them, version control or just copy them from one SqUp instance to another, you are left with little possibilities. (Backup/Export is covered…)

The only workaround is a manual JSON copy, as described in

BUT: When it comes to more of a couple of dashboards, or even (as in my case) keeping the dashboard edits between two SqUp instances in sync, this results in lot of manual work.

Also if the disaster strikes, and you need to setup SqUp again, expect a lot of work. We had an import feature in V2, but it went away…

So my question:
>>>Has anybody found a better way import? Or logged an request with the vendor?

Looking for feedback on this challenge…

I just run a scheduled task every hour that zips up a copy of the user folder into a backup location. Anything older than 30 days at the time of the script run gets removed.
Something goes wrong I extract the particular file I care about and then recycle the app pool. Simples.

Been tempted to add in a feature to the script to check the zip hashes so that duplicates aren’t created (say overnight when nobody is editing), but haven’t gotten around to it yet (plus the zip files are only a few MB so not the end of the world storage wise).

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