White Log on Screen after upgrade

Hey Team,


I have just started upgrading to V5, I have just finished the side by side config and added in the Service account. my current issue is when I am starting up the new URL for the first time it starts with the usual starting up… then goes to a white screen and sits there. ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling, rebooted the server etc with no luck. my Version 4 link still works with no issues. any ideas?

This will happen if you use Internet Explorer as it’s no longer supported.


What browser are you using?

remember that Internet Explorer is no longer supported, and using it will give an error similar to what you describe


100% a Chrome user :slight_smile:

Definitely worth raising a support ticket: https://support.squaredup.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

so update on the below,

located something in dev tools for ReferenceError $ is not defined
I’ve raised a case so here’s to hoping!

Figured it out,

I upgraded Chrome to a newer version. Seems SquaredUpV5 is completly incompatible with anything under Chrome V72.0.3626

Sadly work decided it wanted to stay using V53 :confused: