Why am I experiencing double hop with SquaredUp installed on a Management Server

I am in need of some assistance in determine why I am experiencing double hop with SqauredUp install on a Management Server (and using a domain account as the App Pool identity.)


Built a new server to house SqauredUp, following issues with Kerberos Delegation we decided to install the SCOM Management Server to use Windows Auth. We followed the KB regarding running squaredup windows to enable Windows Authentication, have verified the SCOM MS is healthy within SCOM, and continue to experience issues.

Upon accessing the website from the server, authentication succeeds without any issues. However upon accessing the site from a desktop/non-server, we/the user is prompted for credentials. Upon entering credentials login fails/re-asks for credentials.

We added SquaredUp to a secondary server, for HA/Load Balancing, turned on Windows Auth and are experiencing zero issues. We are unsure what is the issue at this point, we have even verified that the server-address within the website settings is set to localhost.

Any help is appreciated!

Yep, I have local host in on the connections tab for server-address. Thanks for the replies btw!

You might need to contact [email protected] for this one, so they can check logs, settings etc.

Just a quick sanity check - is the Squared Up on the management server configured to connect to SCOM on localhost (and not some other mgmt server)? You can check in Squared Up using menu > settings > connections.

Hi Brad, as RB says, best thing to do would be to contact [email protected] regarding this issue, it probably needs a depth of investigation beyond what the community can offer. Unfortunately Kerberos can be a nasty beast, but the team will help you get to the bottom of it.