Windows server status based on few sets of monitors


I have requirement to show the status of servers belongs to one particular group based on only few sets of monitors only.

Suppose ,I have one scom group and in that group we have added 50 servers and I want to show the status of those 50 servers only based on few group of monitor like for total cpu utilization,Available memory megabytes is too low,logical disk etc.

If any of these monitor generated an alert,then status of server also changed according to these alerts.

Is something achievable in squaredup for som product.



Hi, maybe you can create a roll up monitor with the monitors in question and target it to that group? I’m thinking that’d only determine the health of the group object though and not it’s individual members’.

Other possible solution could be to author your class, discover those servers against it and only target the monitors you want at that. But that’s a long and hard way of doing it really.

Yea,I don’t want to show the status of group …

Second option looks like for creating new class and I am not sure if that will work with existing default monitor.

Do you know if we can get it work for default monitor?

Thank you very much for your comment…

Adding separate existing monitors would not be an easy thing.
To be honest, I would go for displaying the Windows Operating System class objects of those servers and the Logical Disk objects of those servers. That would cover CPU, Mem, Disk and a few other small things.
And maybe go for an additional view in the dashboard to show the top-x usage of a counter for those machines, so lets say the top 8 machines with high CPU, or low memory free MB, or % disk free space. DOesnt jump to another state if its a perf view, but it can tell you a lot. SO would combine a health view of OS+disk (sorry, disk is not part of the OS class structure), with a widget showing perf counter usage of a counter you are interested in.
Think this takes you closer to what you need, without having to break open a serious MP authoring story.

Hi Bob,

Thanks for replying back.

I already added class windows operating system (almost close to my requirement) but cannot able to add logical disk monitor as it comes up with different class and we dont have option to add multiple class in advance scope.

Although ,windows os class has some another monitor also which we dont interested.

Multiple group or multiple class in advanced can be next big thing in squared feature…i feel


Can this not be come with feature request from squaredup itself…? I am thinking …

You are right, the default monitors are scoped to another classes. You will have to write your own for that set of servers.

If you use SquaredUp, there’s a Monitor status tile that may help you show health of individual monitors in a Matrix format. The health of object would depend on any monitors scoped to it though, not only the ones listed.

Hi Santosh, I will bring this to the attention of SquaredUp, but I highly doubt it is possible at all with SquaredUp, because the health states and class hierarchy is the default behaviour of SCOM itself and something that’s not externally configurable.