With the Powershell MP can you run Exchange or AD cmdlets in a script?

I can envision a dashboard showing disabled user accounts, exchange queues, AD users that do not meet certain criteria or tons of possibilities for this. Does anyone know if it can run actually cmdlets from modules?



Yes, it can! You are however responsible for getting the module onto the agent yourself (not typically a problem if the monitor is only targeting servers that will typically always have it installed, such as AD or exchange), and you’ll need to run Import-Module in your script if the PS version doesn’t support module auto-loading (PS v1 or v2).


We run Exchange cmdlets in a ps-script monitor. You just need to have the Exchange modules installed (Exchange tools) from where you run the monitor. We use a Watcher Node for that purpose where we have installed the Exchange modules.

That is just great. I’m new to Squared Up so now just trying to figure out how to use this to really monitor true app health (as in end user experience) for xyz app. I’m starting with Exchange. If you have any dashboards to share for some good ideas I think that’d be awesome.