XSNMP MP Performance charts disappear

I have a Dashboard with multiple performance charts on it, but I have one chart that is pulling data from XSNMP MP and after several minutes/hours in some cases the chart data disappears and all that is left is the Title. Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance

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Does the data appear in the SCOM console? If there’s a difference between what you can see in SCOM vs Squared Up, then there might be an issue that SQUP support can help with. If it’s not in the SCOM console, maybe some workflows have stalled. Flushing an agents health cache usually resolves this, but not knowing how this MP collects data, I can’t say for sure where the data would be flushed from.

The data is in the SCOM console. The dashboard shows the data for as little as an hour or as much as a week then goes blank, all the while the data is being collected and is in the SCOM console. Other dashboard elements are unaffected. I have several performance graphs that are displaying ping times and CPU usage that are not affected by this. The only thing I can find that seems relevant is the fact that this data is collected by a third party MP, XSMNP. The only way to get the dashboard to display correctly is to edit the console and repopulate the criteria.

The SCOM console pulls performance data from the OpsDB database, whereas Squared Up pulls it from the OpsDW. I would check that the data is actually being stored correctly in your DW database from this MP, either via a SQL query or a Report from the reporting workspace.

When i edit the perf graph and simply update the page, all the data comes back… for a limited time. The DW is getting it’s data, it’s SquaredUp that looses its mind looking at this data for some reason.